Turkish Refrigerated Truck Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish refrigerated truck, Turkey refrigerated truck manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality refrigerated truck from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

RMA GROUP        Türkiye     Ersin Kundak    
s ambulance, mobil clinic, crane, refrigerated truck, garbage truck, ford, ranger, everest, transit, custom
AROBUS ARAC IMALAT A.S.        Türkiye     Ahmet EYÜBOĞLU    
s vehicle, tools, minibus, minbus on, bus, special vehicles, transport vehicle, filled, commercial vehicles, ambulance vehicle, ambulance, team tool, team car, van, automotive, vehicle superstructure, vehicle manufacture, minibus conversion, refrigerated vehicle, emergency vehicles, coaches, minibuses, commercial vehicle, vehicles, emergency vehicle, vehicle, bus, coach, refrigerated truck, vans, refrigerated trucks, light duty vehicles, light duty vehicle, duty vehicles, passenger bus, passenger buses, ambulance vehicles
ECOFRIGO KAMYON KASASI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Murat IŞIK    
s truck bodies, refrigerated trucks, insulated truck bodies, semi-trailers, insulated dry goods bodies, meat transportation bodies, meat transportation boxes, meat boxes, meat truck bodies, meat truck boxes, truck boxes, frozen food boxes, boxes for frozen food, boxes for meat transportation, boxes for meat trucks, bodies for meat transportation, bodies for meat trucks, mobile partition walls, stainless water tanks, wall protectors, ventilation windows, railed load holders, pvc stripe curtains, pl, portable cold rooms, semi-trailer, truck box, truck body, refrigerated truck, frozen food box, stainless water tank, plastic suit boxes, long stairs with rail, insulated truck body, insulated dry goods body, meat transportation body, meat transportation box, meat box, meat truck body, meat truck box, box for frozen food, box for meat transportation, box for meat truck, body for meat transportation, body for meat truck, mobile partition wall, wall protector, ventilation window, railed load holder, pvc stripe curtain, plastic suit box, long stair with rail
s cargo truck, coach truck, concrete mixer truck, dump truck, dust material truck, fire truck, flatbed trailer, garbage truck series, high-pressure cleaning truck, military truck, refrigerated truck, semitrailer, sprinkler truck, suction sewage truck, suction truck, sweeper truck, tank truck, tractor, truck crane, wrecker truck, tank truck, cargo truck
BULENT RAMAZAN TREYLER LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Bülent RAMAZAN    
s trailer, trailers, meat hook trailers, double deck trailers, deck trailers, iceberg trailers, truck bodies, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vehicles, meat hook trailer, double deck trailer, deck trailer, iceberg trailer, truck body, refrigerated truck, refrigerated vehicle
AFE SOGUTUCULU FRIGO KARASOR        Türkiye         
s superstructure vehicles, superstructure equipments, truck mounted equipments, vehicle body, bodywork, car body, truck body, funeral vehicles, refrigerated truck, open body trucks, tipper body, truck bodies, vehicle bodies
KORKMAZ SOGUTMA SISTEM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Semih GENC    
s air conditioner, chilled trailer, cooler, prerservation, reefer, refrigerated trailer, refrigerated truck, refrigerated vehicle, refrigerator
NESA TASIT UST YAPIM        Türkiye         
s ambulances, bodywork, car body, funeral vehicles, medical waste vehicles, on vehicle equipments, refrigerated truck, superstructure equipments, superstructure vehicles, truck body, truck mounted equipments, vehicle body